4 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Grandchildren

do not tell your grandchildren
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Did you know there are things you should not tell your grandchildren?

You should definitely strive to be someone that your grandkids come to talk to; however, there are certain things that you should not tell your grandchildren under any circumstances. This is not about topics that you should not bring up with them, as you probably know about them already. It is about certain sentences and explanations that you should never tell your grandkids, as they could end up understanding something other than what you mean, and it could cause more harm than good in the long run!

What’s more, certain things have changed, and while we may think that we have heard these things from people around us when we were their age, they may no longer be appropriate. Or even that there are other ways in which you can explain the same thing to them so that they do not internalize anything that could harm them later in life.

A good way to go about what you should tell your grandkids is to think about what you would have liked to hear when you were their age, likewise with what you heard that bothered you, and then act accordingly; that way, you will have fewer chances of saying something that will upset them even when you did not intend it!

Even so, there are a few things we say to them with good intentions that can end up being bad choices in the long run. To find out what you should not tell your grandchildren and what you could say instead, keep reading!

Have you ever said these things to someone? Please share your experience in the comments section below.

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6 Responses

    1. AP classes are the more difficult classes. Also, if you’re in high school, those classes make a better impression on universities when you’re applying. They really do have better information on the subject matter.

  1. I have said all of here phrases LoL I work with adolescents (teenage boys) the last 3 are definant shares used often.

  2. You don’t know anything about kids. If you stop and communicate with them they CAN understand what you are talking about.

  3. I grew up hearing these comments from my parents over my childhood. My parents do not have a relationship with their grandchildren or great grandchildren, they have a disrespect for children that I grew up with and unfortunately it extends to other members of the family. My mother is very negative about many areas in life. She complains about behaviors that people do and bugs them about the behaviors that they do. Like scratching too much irate my mother or coughing too much. She can be nerve-racking to be around when she is in these moods. Unfortunately, my mother does not do anything with her great grandkids. I see the INOGEN commercials, and I think unfortunately that is not my mother.

  4. How ignorant – anyone with common sense and respect would not use these phrases. I’m 82 and have a healthy relationship with grandkids and am always honest and straightforward, encouraging but not ridiculous. If anyone is still doing the things in this article, STOP!

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