High Crime Rates: Retirees Should Avoid Moving to These 8 Cities

Crime Rate
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Does the city you live in have a high crime rate?

If you’re about to retire, you might be thinking about moving for various reasons. But our country is a pretty big place. So how do you choose the best city for you?

Well, you’ve got many beautiful choices to choose from, so we went searching for where you SHOULDN’T move to narrow down your list. A city that has high crime rates can make it a dangerous place for both locals AND tourists.

The most significant severe danger to world peace and security in any area is posed by violent actions, which might occur anywhere. And even though crime programs entertain us, they’re not as fun in person.

Therefore, you should be aware of the cities across the US that are the most hazardous for retirees. Let’s check out the top 8 cities with the highest crime rates.

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